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Rebel Vintage, a joint venture between Notorious Vintage and Lux & Ivy, launched May 2019. Owners Tori Sandler and Sara Baldwin are both veterans of the retail world and have a combined skillset of vintage sourcing and buying, merchandising, event planning, design, retail management and more. Each had their own shop prior to joining forces, and Rebel aims to keep each individual brand alive.

Rebel's third main vendor, Mama Ochre, was started by vintage-obsessed style queen Gretchen Foster in early 2019. Gretchen spent many years thrifting for herself and her family before launching her own line. She hand picks high quality fabrics like cotton, silk + linen and often times uses color-stripping or natural over-dye processes to create a curated collection of minimalist, neutral tones and specialized pops of color. 

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The Rebel Vintage team are committed to sourcing sustainable and ethical goods and are each on personal journeys to live more sustainably. We love working with local artists and vendors, as well as high quality independent brands. This neighborhood and the city of Indianapolis is so important to us and we love being a part of the Monon Station shops near 54th and Monon.

Our commitment to community means we host frequent events with makers, creatives, and doers in our neighborhood. We've held concerts, workshops, private events, meet ups, meditation hour and more. We plan to continue to find ways to collaborate with strong forces across the Midwest. 

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