Black Lives Matter Signs: Who is BRUSH MASTER??

Jasper Travis, aka Mississippi, aka Brush Master is an Indianapolis artist and sign painter whose work graces many store fronts and metropolitan spaces across the city.

The name “Mississippi” pays tribute to his heritage. Born in Mississippi, he and his family moved to Indy in the 90s. By that time, he had already left his mark on other cities across the country.

His art can now be found all over Indianapolis, but for the first time in his long career, individual signs with his signature in the corner have become available to the public at a few select spots, including Rebel Vintage! We are honored to be able to help Mississippi get his hand-painted Black Lives Matter signs into the yards and homes of local folks.

100% of profits from the hand-painted and artist-signed yard signs go directly to Mississippi and the local Indy BLM chapter.

Sign Prices: Small $30/Long $40/Large $50

Each one is signed by the Brush Master.

Looking for more Brush Master info and images? Indianapolis journalist Kyle Long became enamored with the Brush Master’s work and documented it through film photography, which can be found in a 48-page book/zine edited by Stuart Hyatt and published on Risograph by Chicago’s Half Letter Press.

The book can be purchased for $10 directly from Half Letter Press and from Sign Painting Supply Co.

Film photos by Kyle Long, of Brush Master work around the city...

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