Rebel Vintage Virtual Book Club

We are STOKED to have started our first book club this month! This is something we've wanted to organize at the shop since we first opened. We jumped at the chance to make it happen virtually during this time of social distancing. This is new to us, so we welcome any and all suggestions from those participating. In this blog post, we've compiled important info about the Rebel Vintage Virtual Book Club.

• Book: Women Who Run With the Wolves, By Clarissa Pinkola Estes

 Virtual Meeting Day: Every other Thursday

• Time: 9-10pm EST

• Where: We meet via Zoom and will send out links the day prior to each meeting. :)

Disclaimer: This first book is a thought-provoking work, and we plan to continue to choose heavier reads. That means some of the books will bring up deep emotions, good or bad. You can participate in any way you are comfortable. Don’t ever feel like you have to share. If you would like to spend the class listening, that’s ok! We still want you there. Grab a glass of wine, bring a pen and paper, and come as you are. This is a casual fun way to stay connected with our tribe… no pressures! Can’t wait to see everyone!

We will take notes to the best of our ability during the sessions and post recaps on the FB pages for those that missed the meeting or want to revisit information.

Use the FB wall as a place to discuss ideas/questions/comments in between meetings.

Please feel free to chime in at any time. We want to get the discussion going!

*Because this is a long book (500+ pgs) made of many short stories with lots to unwrap, we will spend longer on this book than the others.

Guidelines & Suggestions

  • Grab a pen and paper, find a quiet(ish) spot for reflection

  • We will be reading 3-4 chapters each session (class meets every two weeks) about 100 pages.

  • Since each chapter is broken up into different stories, you do not need to be present for each meeting since there is not a continuous plot. Pick back up the next meeting without skipping a beat!

  • Next book will be discussed at the end of the last meeting for each book and vote will take place on FB page

  • Once shop opens again, we may do live meetings (with video chat available for those not local)


  • 4/9 Meeting One: Intro to Club

  • 4/23 Meeting Two: Chapters 1-3

  • 5/7 Meeting Three: Chapter 4-6

  • 5/21 Meeting Four: Chapters 7-9

  • 6/11 Meeting Five: Chapters 10-13

  • 6/25 Meeting Six: Chapters 14- End of book + Nominations for next book

Questions to ask yourself while reading:

  • What stories are evoking what emotions?

  • How does the story relate to your life?

  • How does this story remind you of other media (books, movies, art, etc?)

  • Favorite/Least favorite story(ies)

  • Is there a story bringing up an uncomfortable emotion?

  • What themes stood out to you between each chapter of stories?

  • Are you having any personal revelations while reading?

  • Do you think any of the stories could be expanded into full length books?

Ideas for deepening your connection to the book:

  • Utilize some of Pinkola Estes’ rhetorical questions throughout the book as journal prompts.

  • Identify a word or phrase from the book to meditate on.

  • For some people, choosing a simple, artful activity such as coloring or doodling can be helpful for meditating on text. This site does a great job explaining Zentangles, a meditative form of art.

We hope you enjoy this experience -- we can't wait to share it with y'all. <3

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